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Small Business Bill of Rights
While some big businesses are downsizing and firing their workers or moving production overseas, it is small business that will be the salvation of the American economy. I believe that small business people are the real American heroes. The virtues that made America great are at work everyday in the family businesses of this state. The hard work, thrift, and dedication exemplified by small business are making our communities and state a better place for this generation and the next.
I believe in:
  • Elimination of all quotas, contract set-asides and affirmative action
  • Continuing the effort to improve Arizona's regulatory environment to make it more responsive and effective.
  • Promoting a business climate conducive to the development of new business and continued growth and prosperity of existing businesses.
  • Restoring sanity to state regulations, and placing a moratorium on new regulations.
  • Supporting "truth in taxation" requiring local taxing jurisdictions to hold hearings prior to raising levies.
  • Overhauling the State tax code for small business.
  • Restoring property rights under the 5th Amendment and no regulatory deprivation of property rights without just compensation.
  • Setting expeditious and responsible time frames to process permits, licenses, and approvals AND simplifying and reducing the filing of forms effecting business.
  • Allowing small businesses to deduct the costs of their health insurance.

Small Business - The Key to America's Economy


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