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August 6, 2004
Dear Concerned Voter,

I was fortunate enough to care for my mother in our home for over seven years. However, I readily understand that for other families long-term care facilities are sometimes their only option.


After a bitter battle in the Senate, a bill regarding long term care facilities for the vulnerable and frail came to the House Rules Committee. The Chairman of the Rules Committee sets the agenda of bills to be heard. As Chairman, I did not schedule this bill for a hearing because I felt it would severely reduce the rights of the vulnerable and frail adults in long-term care facilities.

I am well aware of the financial challenges faced by nursing homes in affording liability insurance. But this cost should not be placed on the backs of the frail and vulnerable. My backbone in holding the bill, SB1380, did not go unnoticed. My determination on behalf of those least able to help them selves was acknowledged by one of the national retired senior organizations. I was touched when they thanked me publicly, in a letter to the editor, for all of my hard work in standing up for the rights of the elderly and disabled.

For the past eight years I have been your voice for the family, both young and old, at the State Legislature. My experience has taught me that being a watchdog for the frail and vulnerable is a never-ending battle. I need your vote in the upcoming primary election on September 7th, so I can continue to be your voice at the State Legislature.

Thank you for joining me in protecting the rights of the frail and vulnerable citizens among us.

Karen S. Johnson


Paid for by Committee to Elect Karen Johnson